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02Sep 2022

Good News for House owners/ agentsNew

Here is the online platform you have been longing for. Introducing the ultimate website and mobil...

04Oct 2022

What is keeping you up at night?New

What is keeping you up at night? Is your home far away from your work or kids school? Do you have...

13Oct 2022

Mobile ApplicationNew

Download Beten Ethiopia Mobile Application here.

10Nov 2022

ቤት ለመከራየት/ ለመግዛት፣ ለማከራየት/ ለመሸጥ ሃሳብ አሎት?  New

ቤት ለመከራየት ወይም ለመግዛት ሃሳብ አሎት?  

እንግዲያውስ የቤቴን ኢትዮጵያ ድህረ ገፅ

02May 2023

Property for saleNew

🏘 ምቹና እና በፈለጉት ቦታ የእንግዳ ማረፊያ /GUEST HOUSE/ መከራየት፤
🏬 ለሪል አስቴት መገንቢያ የሚሆን በቂ እና ምቹ መሬት /LAN...

15Aug 2023


እኛን ሲመርጡ ፈልግዉ የሚያጡት ቤት መስሪያ ቦታ፣ የመኖሪያ ቤት፣ የንግድ ህንጻ፣ አፓርትመንት የለም፡፡ ድህረ ገፃችንን (website) ወይም ሞባይል (m...

15Aug 2023

PHS promotionNew

Good news for those who are looking for companies and professionals in various fields;


23Mar 2024

Grateful discussionNew

"Grateful for the insightful session with Mastercard Foundation Ethiopia's Country Direc...

ጥያቄ አልዎት?

ሙያዎትን እንዲያጎለብቱ እና እንዲያሳድጉ እንረዳዎታለን
ከእኛ ጋር ዛሬ ተገኛኙ
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